Tara the Terror

Tara the Terror draws joy from terror (and searching for the source of terror) and has enjoyed her life of horror – both living it and producing it, investigating cold cases – from JonBenét to D.B. Cooper, ghost hunting – in all the “no-touch” places, and exploring the boundaries of the non-physical. But it is in her current role that has put the grit and dark in all the right places in 2020: The Best Year Ever (The Game).

As a 9-1-1 operator, Tara knows all about the adversities, unpredictabilities, and heroic responses of the 2020 sitz im leben. And yes, you may have seen her in “Emergency Call.” When she’s not saving lives, she’s helping us find the humor in the horrible, the magic in the mess, the victory in the viciousness, and the primal in the pandemic. While you may never meet her, ask for her the next time you call 9-1-1!

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