The Game...

2020 in a box?

2020: THE BEST YEAR EVER (THE GAME) is a “2020 themed” board game. It cleverly uses the events of 2020 to draw players together based on their common experience of the year. “Play cards” encourage players to “act out”  common (and their own) 2020 experiences while “Point cards” memorialize well known AND little known events of 2020 while helping OR hurting a player’s “score.” Using unconventional (and fluid) game rules, players are kept involved and “off balance” (much like we all were during 2020) as each game unfolds differently depending on the cards drawn…

The Board...

The gameboard itself is nothing less than a metaphor for life in 2020! A collage of 2020 inspired doodles and drawings, the board is not ONLY a tribute to "all things 2020" but a collector-worthy piece of historical'll see new things every time you look at it!

The Cards

2020 THE BEST YEAR EVER (THE GAME) comes with 2 decks of game cards (125 cards each). "Play cards" are filled with challenges and activities that drive the action of the game while the "Point cards" have plus or minus points (usually with a corresponding 2020 event or story) and determine the winner of the game. And, like the rest of the game, the cards are FULL of funny 2020 inspired art!

The Spinner

2020 THE BEST YEAR EVER (THE GAME) is introducing a brand new "tool" to the game board world. This patent pending double-sided spinner is a key component of the game. One side determines if you've "tested positive for COVID" and the other side gives you an opportunity to end the game by "finding the vaccine!"

The Dice

Well, they aren't "patent pending" but they ARE the cutest little dice you'll ever see! The dice do more than move your playing piece around the board. Sometimes the dice can even earn you big points! (Of course they can also send you to quarantine - so it's sort of a love/hate kind of thing.)

The "Players"

Featuring a variety of 2020 icons, the "Players"(playing pieces) in 2020: THE BEST YEAR EVER (THE GAME) may soon become as iconic at "The Thimble" in that other game. (And you WILL come to love YOUR favorite piece!) Each copy of the game comes with the 7 "regulars" plus one RANDOM "Player" from our special "quarantine collection!" (Collect them ALL!)

The Experience

2020: THE BEST YEAR EVER (THE GAME) truly IS different than any board game you've ever played. Every time you play it will be a brand new experience. Who says you can't re-write history? This game gives you that opportunity every time you play it... get your copy now or check out what The Rev says about it!