The Rev

The Wizard of Words…The Pastor of Pop…The Rocker, Chief Strategist, teacher to all, professor of many, “Son of Satan” to his close friends (despite the fact that his dad is not Satan…as far as we know), and the brains behind the game 2020: THE BEST YEAR EVER (THE GAME)!!

The Rev is often found behind his computer screen banging on the keys like Linus composing a Beethoven overture in The Peanuts.  What started out as a book – an account of the events of 2020 – that would have been written in typical Rev style; full of facts, thoughts, remedies, laughs, and messy spirituality – has been re-imagined into a board game based on 2020.  (Making lemonade out of lemons has always been one his super powers – finding the humor in the ugly, and always conveying the importance of humanity.) 

This is how 2020: THE BEST YEAR EVER (THE GAME) was born.  Being quite comfortable in all kinds of chaos, The Rev took the chaos that consumed the year 2020 – the topsy turvy rollercoaster ride we all experienced – and “bottled” it all up in a board game.

Only the man – the legend – the myth – could pull this off.  As you will see, The Rev has his unstable genius, unvarnished humor, and dirty finger prints all over this game…just don’t ever play it alone…just saying! 

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