sTaCy ThE jErSeY gIrL

sTaCy is through and through Jersey but visits the USA every once in a while (so if you’re ever in Jersey, she is a great interpreter – just sayin!). From subway stations to abandoned buildings, sTaCy has been influenced by the best artists since Banksy (who, word has it, may actually BE sTaCy’s biological father).

sTaCy is at home on BOTH coasts (of Long Beach Island) and brings EXACTLY enough of the Jersey tude to 2020: The Best Year Ever (The Game) to add the “bite” you need to reign victorious amidst 2020-like chaos and confusion. And when you meld her “Jersey” with Kim-purbably‘s “California,” the result is as stunning as a 9 roll pack of toilet paper in the middle of a plague (and while the true beauty of this coastally-fused art blossoms in the game itself, you can get a little preview/tease in the “Sneak Peek Gallery”).

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