California born and road raised, Kimberly is suburbably suited for saturating our vision with silly situational 2020 scenario art. Unlike the rest of America, Kim had (unknowingly) been preparing for the kind of life 2020 would dump on us her whole life! For instance, her “spontaneous road trip” from the west coast to the east coast included stops in Alaska, Kansas, Colorado, Maryland, Oklahoma, and New Mexico (in that order) and took 47 and a half years! (We hear she’s thinking about mosying up to Canada next…can’t wait to see what 2068 has in store for us!)

The art influences she picked up on her journey will make you smile as she visually interprets the 2020 zeitgeist and colors your “2020: The Best Year Ever (The Game)” journey. And when Kim-purbably’s WEST coast art meets StAcY tHe JeRsEy GiRl‘s EAST coast art, the result is a gallery as unique and memorable as the year 2020 itself! If you got a minute, check out our “sneak peek gallery” of their “gotta play it to believe it” art.

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