Mad Man Paul

So Paul is an engineer who came to us from the Department of Defense. He won’t tell us exactly what he does there but we’re pretty sure he builds all the bombs – I mean just look at what he did with this game! If THIS game doesn’t blow your mind, you truly are completely BOMB proof (And I’m pretty sure the Department of Defense would like a word with you!)

Just remember, if you think you are winning the game and all of the sudden you realize you lost, it’s all because of Paul – MADMAN Paul! But don’t get TOO mad at him, he’s stuffed this game FULL of surprises and even some Easter Eggs for you savvy gamers – yes, EASTER EGGS in a BOARD GAME – how’s THAT for da bomb?! (Besides, we think this game is going to bring about world peace and Paul will be out of a job…so seriously, reserve your copy of this game – if you haven’t already – and save Paul when the DoD closes it’s doors!)

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