The Waiting Room...

We have provided all kinds of things to occupy you while you wait for your game...

Cool Cats of September Contest Results

Once again you all blew us away with all your beautiful cat photos and videos!! And yes, once again we wish you ALL could have least you know you all have winning kitties!! Thank you ALL for entering our contest and be sure to check out
the contestants and results here!

Dog Days of Summer Dog Contest Results

We want to thank ALL the puppies (and their humans) who entered our "Good Dog Contest!" You were ALL so beautiful, we wish you could have ALL won! Come take a look at all the puppies who entered the contest and congratulate the winners! See the contestants and results here!

The Q & A

What would you like to know about us, our story, our game, or anything 2020? What kinds of ideas and/or suggestions do you have for us? What should we know about you? What are your favorite ways to spend a hot summer day? Got something on your mind? Just want to rap? Join us in the Q & A discussion!

The Rona of the Week!

Come meet some of our favorite "ronas." Get to know what makes these buggers tick and some of their little known secrets. Vote for your favorite rona to be "Rona of the Week" and follow their "spread" as they journey from our "incubator" into your living room and try to trip you up when you play your game. Meet the ronas here!

The Fan Deck

We are currently developing a full expansion deck based on YOUR 2020 stories, pictures, and experiences! So, tell us YOUR story or post a 2020 themed image here and we will work it into our "Fan Expansion Deck." And if you would like, we will credit you on the card itself! Just imagine giving a Christmas gift this year that YOU had a part of making! Imagine your friends' surprise when YOU appear as part of the game! So make your mark, be a part of history, and blow your friends away here!

The Test

No it's not's just a little test to see if this game is for you. Of course we think it's for everybody but we thought everybody would wear masks during a worldwide pandemic too - so there's that! But we get it, after going through 2020 (the year) you probably should know what you're getting into when you get into this game. So take this test to find out if you should buy this game (or make friends with someone who has already ordered it!

The Gallery

This game is FULL of art - on the cards, on the game board, on the box itself....even on the dice! Our artists kept pretty busy during the lockdown and we can't wait for you to see their 2020 inspired we won't! We've decided to give you a sneak preview of just some of the hundreds of pieces of art in this game. AND, we have provided a space for you to upload YOUR 2020 inspired art. (And we will even include it in The Fan Expansion Deck if you would like.) So come into the gallery and take a look around!

The Player Fan Club

We know you will have your favorite "Player" when you play 2020: THE BEST YEAR EVER (THE GAME), but you might want to get to know the OTHER Players a little bit more before you "tie yourself" to just one! And if you ask, your favorite player will even send you a REAL letter! (or just an email if you wanna keep it simple)

The Election (Your vote counts!)

Besides The Fan Expansion Deck, we are working on several other expansion decks and alternative editions. It's all for you so we would like to know your thoughts and point us in the right direction. To get to know the "candidates," and show your support for your favorite, enter The Town Hall here.

The Ask

Yep, we are a small business, a very small business actually, but we have very big plans! And so we really do need your help! Would you please like and follow us on our social media sites? Trust us, we WILL make it worth your while!

The Wormhole

2020: THE BEST YEAR EVER (THE GAME) is full of surprises and little “easter eggs” which you will find out when you get your copy. But in the meantime, we wanted to give you a little taste of the kind of “2020 randomness” inside the game. So we built this little “wormhole” that will take you to some of the most bizarre websites this side of 2020 (and ALMOST as random as what's INSIDE the game!).
...If you wanna "taste," enter the "wormhole" here!