We get it! It’s kind of a pain in the a$$ to do all the work associated with pledging to our campaign on Kickstarter. SO, we are giving you – our friends and family – a VENMO “shortcut” option! If you would like to pledge to our campaign without going through Kickstarter, you can simply VENMO your pledge to the 2020BYE Kickstarter Venmo Account @ 609.389.4754

PLEASE NOTE that the Kickstarter Campaign reward tiers AND rules STILL APPLY! …SO, if we are fully funded by our campaign deadline (7am on July 1), your rewards will be shipped on the schedule we provided (we will provide shipping costs when we collect shipping information),

…BUT if the campaign does NOT reach its goal ($49,500), the rewards will be cancelled and your money will be returned on that day.

You can see the pledge/reward tiers on our Kickstarter Campaign page – so when you VENMO YOUR PLEDGE, state the reward associated with your pledge in the “notes.” AND PLEDGE before our campaign ends at 7am on July 1, 2021!

VENMO YOUR PLEDGE TO 2020BYE @ 609.389.4754