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We want to celebrate our GRAND OPENING by putting everything we have on sale! INCLUDING our brand new board game,
2020: The Best Year Ever (The Game)!”

The Game...

This is a game like you’ve never played before! And, like the year 2020, there is absolutely no strategy to get you through…it’s all random. just like 2020: The Year!

“2020: The Best Year Ever (The Game)” is what happens when you lock people up for an extended period of time and give them too much time to think about how absolutely crazy our world is and create a board game that rejects the norms and embraces the insanity that was 2020. It not only uses laughter to process and heal from the trauma of a traumatic year but also celebrates the human condition and fortitude in the midst of crisis.

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The Expansions...

Like the pandemic, “2020: The Best Year Ever (The Game),” just keeps spreading and expanding. Check out our expansion and booster decks:

The DYI Version...

Gotta little time on your hands, wanna save some money, AND have a bit of a creative streak? Download the “2020: The Best Year Ever (The Game)” PDF. The PDF version includes everything you need to play the game except the dice (and we can cover you there too!):

The Swag...

Just like 2020: The Year inspired “2020: The Best Year Ever (The Game),” our brand new board game has inspired all kinds of swag! And we want to share it all with you:

The Stickers...

While promoting our game, we distributed more than 3,000 stickers and have  had TONS of requests for more…SOOO, here they are!