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Name: Finley
Age: 10 months
Submitted by: Taylor Ekern

Name: Lexi
Age: 4
Submitted by: Marissa Scott

Name: Bella
Age: 11yrs
Submitted by: Becky Elkins

Name: Finn, aka Boss Dog
Age: 8 mon
Submitted by: Susan Pierce
“Boss Dog, always by your side. Loves him some cookies!”

Name: Annie
Age: 1 yr
Submitted by: Teresa Weisinger
“We saved Annie and now Annie is bringing us so much joy. Her favorite TV show is AFV. She loves TV”

Name: Cali Consuela
Age: 3
Submitted by: Nancy Hooks

Name: Abby
Age: 3 months
Submitted by: Renee Hobbs

Name: TwiT
Age: 8 years
Submitted by: Linda Harvell
“I am a “Velcro” dog! I stick to my mom every hour of every day!!”

Name: Izzy
Age: 8 years
Submitted by: Linda Harvell
“I am a rescue and such a good dog.”

Name: Ozzie
Age: 7 years
Submitted by: Mikki Foster
“Ozzie is an 8 pound Chihuahua/Lhasa apso mix. He is a rescue and adds a lot of energy and love to our lives.”

Name: Jax
Age: 8 years
Submitted by: Michelle Foster
“Jax is a silly, lovable dwerpy pooch.”

Name: Lucy
Age: 1
Submitted by: Donna Boyle
“Lucy is a rescue from a kill shelter in Georgia. She is the sweetest little girl. She loves playing with the littles and other dogs. Please vote for her”

Name: Taco
Age: 14
Submitted by: Hermetta Pillion
“Taco is the first small dog we’ve ever owned. I never knew chihuahuas had so much heart, courage, and sweetness. She has also kept us smiling and laughing for years, such a

Name: Josie
Age: 8
Submitted by: Pat Gibson
“Sweet little Josie loves everyone especially children . She loves to sing along when we sing Happy Birthday. Her friendliness almost cost her life . A large dog picked he up by

Name: Roxie (salt+pepper dog) + Archie
Age: Roxy -4. Archie -1
Submitted by: Cathy Stone
“Roxy is too smart for her own good but she loves training to do tricks, and meeting new people. She will even do tricks for

Name: Coco
Age: 2 1/2
Submitted by: Valerie
“Coco loves her special made birthday hat.”

Name: Izzy
Age: 1 year
Submitted by: Elmyra
“Izzy is such a character. Loves to be pampered and held!”

Name: Artemis
Age: 5 months
Submitted by: Kristina Grable
“Mom says I’m the best pup ever”

Name: Molly
Age: 7
Submitted by: Sherry
“Molly has been a therapy dog for 6 years. When not giving comfort to those in need she loves to watch cat videos on YouTube”

Name: Gracie
Age: 5
Submitted by: Sherry
“Gracie loves to swing at the park. She is a therapy dog. Her favorite people are children. Favorite exercise is chasing squirrels!”

Name: Pixie & Lillie
Age: 6 yrs old
Submitted by: Sandra Kozlovsky
“Pixie & Lillie are sisters. They are always together along with their newly adopted sister Wren. They love to play, go for walks and wear shirts!”

Name: Wren
Age: 2 yrs old
Submitted by: Sandra Kozlovsky
“Wren is a rescue dog . She is a Min Pin/Italian Greyhound who loves to run really fast. She also loves to play with her 2 sisters, go for walks

Name: Bixby
Submitted by: Judith Rich
“Bixby has become the mascot dog where we live. He loves dogs, children, and adults. He’s personality is so sweet and he’s such a good boy.”

Name: Madison
Age: 9
Submitted by: Donna
“French pug just relaxing and enjoying the sun”

Name: Ripley
Age: 2 years
Submitted by: Susan
“Ripley loves humans, other dogs, treats, and stalking squirrels.”

Name: Ginger
Age: 2
Submitted by: Patsy Yopp
“I’m a rescue and I have been blessed with a wonderful family “

Name: Lola
Age: 8
Submitted by: Patsy Yopp
“Lola is the best big sister ever “

Name: Anaday
Age: 1
Submitted by: Michele McCormick
“Taking fauxie out to play”

Name: Gracieblue
Age: 10
Submitted by: Sandra hylton
“Gracieblue is my rescue dog I saved her and she saved me she loves to go by byes and her favorite treat is chicken nuggets”

Name: Hi Ho Silver
Age: 18 mo
Submitted by: Susan Akard
“Silver is a 75% Siberian Husky, 25% Pomeranian! He loves the Bark Park and all dogs!”

Name: Lena
Age: 4
Submitted by: Susan
“Lena is 4 years old loves car rides and loves going to Doggie day care to play with her friends she loves to cuddles with us”

Name: Gidget
Age: 7yo
Submitted by: Chell Watts
“My girl Gidget has been my angel I literally saved her from a busy road side in 2016. .I felt very blessed and have this same feeling that I’m the lucky 1

Name: Sadie
Age: 13
Submitted by: Penny
“Sadie is a rescue gal from Florida. She was going to be used for. breeding but her first two pups were born deceased. Thanks heavens for me! She is such a good dog.

Name: Isabella
Age: 15 months
Submitted by: Rebecca
“It’s all about me, glam girl!”

Name: Fiona
Age: 14
Submitted by: Catherine Taylor

Name: Sassy
Age: 2 years old
Submitted by: Karen Smith
“Sassy is a fun loving dog. She loves to play ball, run with her friends up and down the fence, and wait at the gate for her human friends to

Name: Toto
Age: 11 1/2
Submitted by: Megan
“I got Toto when he was 5 weeks old. My daughter had lost her cat to a house fire. Toto was a God send.. He has been by her side through many

Name: Bitsy
Age: 8
Submitted by: Terry Womack
“Spoiled little 8yr old baby girl. Loves hanging in the yard when not too hot or hanging on sofa with Mom Must have chicken and sleep in bed with Mom”

Name: Willow
Age: 5 years old
Submitted by: Jaclyn holder
“She is very sweet and lovable”

Name: Derek
Age: 1 year
Submitted by: Carol Ronca
“Derek after a hard day of doing nothing but being a dog!”

Name: Rex
Age: 3 yrs old
Submitted by: Amanda
“He loves looking at me and enjoying play his toys”

Name: Hunter
Submitted by: Debra Millar
“Nothing better in the summer”

Name: Roxy
Age: 10 months
Submitted by: Lisa clemente
“Just rescued, our first stop, Starbucks! Living the pupacino life…she’s hooked!”

Name: Ruby
Age: 10 months
Submitted by: Lisa clemente
“My first love!”

Name: Hans
Age: 2
Submitted by: Stefan Schutte
“Loves John Wayne”

Name: Loki – God of Mischief
Submitted by: Diane
“Loki is truly my heart boy. He came into my life exactly one year to the day after my 15 year old Border Collie who was in ICU for 10

Name: Luna
Age: 4 years
Submitted by: Fran Hoyt
“Luna was a rescue she was found in Texas with a collar embedded in her neck she was only 5 to 6 months old now she is living her best life”

Name: Moose
Age: 6 years old
Submitted by: Kathy
“My Moose is a Yorkshire terrier Lovable and takes care of me. He comforts me since the loss of my husband. He is my best friend”

Name: Goliat
Age: 14
Submitted by: Adelina
“My personal mop! Goliat is a 14 year old toy poodle. Don’t let his 4 lbs and 0 teeth fool you though, when he’s not napping, he barks and thinks he’s still a

Name: Winston
Age: 1 1/2 years old
Submitted by: Nancy Jude
“Winston is the most caring, lovable, protective dog we’ve had. He comes to our rescue at every sneeze and cough he hears.”

Name: Koko
Age: 6
Submitted by: Diana Cerny
“Our little Koko with a huge personality”

Name: Mattie
Age: 3 years old
Submitted by: Brianna Hall
“Escaping the Sun with Some River Fun!”

Name: Harley
Age: 10 months
Submitted by: Valerie Greco
“So pretty”

Name: Red and Booties
Age: 3 and 14
Submitted by: Terri Bryant
“Patiently waiting.”

Name: Louis
Age: 3
Submitted by: Izzy Fittro
“Louis is a 3 year old Yorkie! He make is smile everyday. He loves to give kisses and is a cuddle bug.”

Name: Cooper
Age: 1.5
Submitted by: Hope

Name: Moose
Age: 4 years old
Submitted by: TARA the TERROR
“Alright! I’m ready for my close up.”

Name: Ruger
Age: 4
Submitted by: Charles Willis
“We adopted Ruger 3 yrs ago from the local canine center.”

Name: Luke
Age: 4
Submitted by: Charles Willis
“We just adopted Luke after he had spent over 5 months in the local canine center.”

Name: Amber
Age: 10 months
Submitted by: Annamaria Kolar
“Miss Amber is cute, lovable & a little bit of sass!”

Name: Kiwi
Age: 1
Submitted by: Brittney O’donnell
“Kiwi came to us at 4 months old after she was found roaming the streets. She was crazy, nuts and off the wall. Kiwi is now a little over a year, is

Name: Molly And Sadie
Age: 2
Submitted by: Sandy Newell
“Our 2 year old twin sisters Sadie and Molly sunbathing and hunting bugs.”

Name: Betty
Age: 2
Submitted by: Donna LeBleu
“Betty making a fast getaway after raiding our garden of a Spaghetti Squasy”

Name: Cooper
Age: 9 years old
Submitted by: Alison Borowicz
“Cooper is a 9 year old goldendoodle. He loves to patrol his yard watching for rabbits, birds, and squirrels. He also loves to ride on the paddle board!”

Name: Kronos
Age: 9
Submitted by: Tiffany Hughes
“Kronos is a half deaf Australian Cattle Dog adopted from Arizona Cattle Dog Rescue. He loves learning tricks, going for hikes, and swimming. He has achieved his Champion Trick Dog Title, was

Name: Abby
Age: 11 years old
Submitted by: Lisa trumbull

Name: Max Perez
Age: 1
Submitted by: Baily Perez
“c’mon, you going to throw the ball?”

Name: Sophie
Age: 1 1/2 years old
Submitted by: marcie kirschenbaum
“best dog ever”

Name: Nala
Age: 1
Submitted by: Judy Young
“Keepin cool, floating in the pool.”

Name: Honeybug
Age: 9 yrs
Submitted by: Sandy Decker
“Honeybuggin’ sun lovin’ hound”

Name: Winston
Age: 7 months
Submitted by:
“We take him grocery shopping with us. And everybody just thinks he’s so cute and wants to pet him because Winston is very very friendly”

Age: 6
Submitted by: Samantha Tucker
“Maggie may is my mom and dad’s dog . Mom wanted another dog so dad let her get one . Maggie is a sweet boston terrier. She loves her bell rubbed . Love

Name: Ozzy
Age: 2
Submitted by: Delbert Smith
“Ozzy is a lot of fun and a blast to be around”

Name: Molly
Age: 4
Submitted by: Delbert Smith
“Molly is a purebred Sweetheart”

Name: Lilly
Age: 2
Submitted by: Debbie Darcey
“Lilly turned 2 in July! She is a beautiful Princess husky! She loves everyone and loves to go on adventures!”

Name: Henry
Age: 13 months
Submitted by: Brian smith
“My prince loves to trot around the backyard keep it safe from birds squirrels and delivery men”

Name: Punkin
Age: 1 year old
Submitted by: Robert Walker
“Punkin is my ride or die buddy as we drive for Uber every day.”

Name: Roxie
Age: 1
Submitted by: Pat Kaufman
“This little blue eyed girl is very smart and so lovable. She loves everyone ( including her 2 cat brothers) and playing with all her toys.”

Name: Pablo
Age: 5 Years
Submitted by: Brian Jordan
“I can lay down the cute all day, What’re ya waiting for?? “

Name: Charlie
Age: 1
Submitted by: Barbara Posey
“Charlie is a wonderful pet he lives in North Little Rock Arkansas he loves going walking playing fetch and really loves everyone’s attention vote Charlie vote for Arkansas”

Name: Finneus Neptune
Age: 8
Submitted by: Kathleen DeLorme

Name: Nash
Age: 2
Submitted by: Diane Schlosser
“Nash just chillin”

Name: Maggie
Age: 5 yrs old
Submitted by: Brianna
“Maggie is a Chiweenie she is precious, loving and kind and knows many tricks!”

Name: Dory
Age: 11
Submitted by: Alice Hayes
“Dory came into the clinic where I worked as a rescue. Her hips were dislocated and she was covered with a skin infection. Right then I knew I had to take care

Name: Shadow
Age: 4
Submitted by: Christina hagadus

Name: Auggie Doggie
Age: 5 years
Submitted by: Maria
“Auggie Doogie dressed as a cool Dood at WoofStock 2022”

Name: Rocco
Age: 5
Submitted by: Ellen Moran
“Rocco is the sweetest boy. He hangs out on the porch keeping my 93 year old mom company”

Name: Cherry
Age: 5
Submitted by: Julie
“Cherry is the coolest dog ever!! Always entertaining and gives 101% to everything she does!!!”

Name: Diesel
Age: 1 year 7 months
Submitted by: Monica Palko
“Diesel is our rescue pup from Mississippi… We rescued through Southern Paws Inc…. he’s amazing, engertic and keeps us on our toes every day….”

Name: Buddy
Age: 2
Submitted by: Naida Parker

Name: Gucci
Age: 9 years
Submitted by: Ginny stortz
“A rescue about 4 years ago. A yorkie mix”

Name: Chloe
Age: 3
Submitted by: Alyssa

Name: Smol Boi
Age: he passed away last month at 16 months old
Submitted by: Darla Bragg
“Sometimes special people come into our lives, stay for a bit, Then they have to go…But the bit where they were here was

Name: Heidi
Age: 10
Submitted by: Debbie

Name: Jeter
Age: 13
Submitted by: Debbie Rohr

Name: Gizmo
Age: 6
Submitted by: Cheryl Todd
“Very Smart young Man of a Human Dog. .You say let’s go he turns and faces his behind to you to be picked up.”

Name: Wren
Age: 1
Submitted by: Hagen
“Wren is the best agility dog. When she was only 3 months old she fallow her brother over the biggest jump at the park it was at lest 4 feet hight ever sense

Name: Bear
Age: 3
Submitted by: melissa
“He is my doofy dog. He’s funny, unpredictable. He loves swimming in the creek and splashing on the water pad.”

Name: Goliath
Age: 18 months
Submitted by: Kathleen Miller
“Goliath is an Anatolian Shepherd. He is being trained as my Mobility Assistance Dog. In his off time he loves to run with his Buds.”

Name: tazzy boblitt
Age: 7
Submitted by: Marcy boblitt
“Tazzy checking out something”

Name: Shadow
Age: 4
Submitted by: Meagan Martinez
“My dog is named shadow he is a 4 year old pitbull. He loves windy days and loves to be spoiled”

Name: Jade
Age: 3
Submitted by: Wanda Childs

Name: Grettles
Age: 10
Submitted by: Salvatore Patane

Name: Mako
Age: 6
Submitted by: Greg

Name: Toby
Age: 10 years old now
Submitted by: Laura Posey
“Then is when Toby was a baby. His momma had four babies and they all died except for him. My daughter bottle feed him from when he was 4

Name: Wilson
Age: 5
Submitted by: Patty MacLuckie
“My Wilson is the friendliest dog. He Does AKC events such as Obedience , Rally and he loves FastCat! He loves to swim too!”

Name: Greyson
Age: 3
Submitted by: Marie
“I see you Mr. Squirrel and I’m watching you.”

Name: Gentry
Age: 6
Submitted by: Cheryl Bulmer

Name: Beans bacon
Age: 2
Submitted by: Amy Bleile
“Being bacon is my two-year-old service dog. He picks up things for me like my phone since I am in a wheelchair. He loves to give kisses play with his toys

Name: Cali
Age: 3.5
Submitted by: Pamela Puskas
“Cali is in the audience for a dogpark tug of war.”

Name: Leah
Age: 1 year
Submitted by: Ellen karan
“Husky/shepherd mix from Puerto Rico we adopted from local rescue in NJ”

Name: Shadow
Age: 9 months
Submitted by: Caitlin silva
“This is Shadow, a 9 month Australian shepherd. He loves swimming, chasing tennis balls, sprinklers, and his little brother.”

Name: Boomer
Age: 4 months
Submitted by: Caitlin
“This is Boomer, a 4 month old Australian shepherd. He loves wrestling with his brother, chasing tennis balls, treats, and swimming.”

Name: Molly & Desmond
Age: 3
Submitted by: Gina Eskew
“Please mom!”


Name: Bo
Age: 1
Submitted by: Carol
“Bo loves story time”

Name: Tucker
Submitted by: Carol
“Tucker is a 2 year old bloodhound that loves people. His only problem is he thinks he is a lap dog at 115 lbs!”

Name: Sunshine
Age: 4 months
Submitted by: Sheila Dixon

Name: Holly
Age: 9 months
Submitted by: Mary Carney
“Chilling out by the pool”

Name: Barkley
Age: 4
Submitted by: Jodi Beyer
“Barkley is a big loveable Teddy Bear Golden Doodle. He makes everyone he meets smile and loves to get pet and hugged.”

Name: Jasper
Age: 14
Submitted by: Becky

Name: Ponchik
Age: 5 years old
Submitted by: Christine Kasparov

Name: Daisy
Age: 11.5 years
Submitted by: Jennifer KATZ
“This is Daisy she is my rescue a leonberger mix . Daisy is full of personality she loves her sister Lili a 15 month old westie and loves car rides ..

Name: Joseph
Age: 2 years old
Submitted by: Lisa clowes

Joseph our doberman says there is no better way to cool off then dock diving on these dog days of summer. “


Name: Train
Age: 5
Submitted by: Greg
“This one’s mine”

Name: Spumoni
Age: 2
Submitted by: Frankie-Lee Bueno
“Have a wonderful afternoon with a little scoop of Spumoni”

Name: Buster
Age: About 11 years old (he’s a rescue)
Submitted by: Jacqueline Soccodato
“Buster is an 11 year old street dog rescued by Animal Alliance of NJ. He has the best personality, he’s smart as a whip and loves

Name: Cathy Penn
Age: 3 months old
Submitted by: Cathy Penn
“She is a Lot kinda of dog breeds”

Name: Presley
Age: 5
Submitted by: Michelle Roy
“This is Presley in our horse carriage driving dog class”

Name: Buddy
Age: 8 Months
Submitted by: Wendie Brooks
“Buddy is a great puppy he loves to go for walks, go to the beach, to chase his tennis ball, and to just hang out with his family.”

Name: Goose
Age: 2.5 years
Submitted by: Carrie Okelly
“We adopted Goose after being found roaming the streets of south Chicago. Luckily, he escaped his tormentors, who obviously kept him locked in a cage for his first year of life.

Name: Rexy
Age: 12
Submitted by: Melissa Ulrichs
“Hi my name is Rexy,iam 12 year old rescued Pomeranian and I love being outside in nature and love butterflies but get scared easy especially loud noises,so if wasn’t for my mom


Name: JJ Shamblin
Age: 8 months
Submitted by: Tammy shamblin
“I am JJ I am mommies baby after she lost her other baby”

Name: Xena
Age: 1 years old
Submitted by: Karen kohn
“Xena loves her stuffed animals that she sleeps with them. When I say it bed time she brings all her babies in her crate before she says good night to

Name: Bolt
Age: 15 years
Submitted by: Tommie Leith
“So loyal he follows me everywhere, even with 2 bad hips, a huge tumor under his front leg, I love him so much and his devotion for me”

Name: Diesel
Age: 8 months
Submitted by: Jim Arndt
“My Little man,Diesel 8 months old,pure bred Black Lab”

Name: Riley
Age: 7
Submitted by: alice Morris
“Going to grandma’s house for the day”

Name: Cesar Millan
Age: 6yr
Submitted by: Cynthia Turner

Name: Petey
Age: 4
Submitted by: Kim Heisser
“I thought I was rescuing him! Little did I know he was going to rescue me right back. He is the best dog in the world and I love him too much

Name: Phantom
Age: 3 months
Submitted by: Shannon Burchfield
“Picture is two days after I picked him up from the breeder. I wanted to capture just how adorable he is. He’s getting really big already and is a drama king

Name: Draco
Age: 8 weeks
Submitted by: Diana Hammonds

Name: Peyton
Age: 9
Submitted by: Mari
“My boy Peyton cheering on the Colorado Avalanche during the playoffs. Pretty sure he is the reason they won the Stanley Cup!”

Name: Ghostface
Age: 9 months
Submitted by: Anaalisia Montiel
“This is Ghostface named after the infamous Ghostface Killah from Wu-Tang Clan. He is a 9 month English Bulldog. He is the most adventurous playful pup! He loves people and every

Name: Rosie
Age: 11
Submitted by: Debra Shaw
“A loyal yet lovable lady. Love this girl.”

Name: Ser John Benjamin
Age: 3
Submitted by: Tamera petroff

Name: Jilly bean
Age: 5
Submitted by: Susan Yanover
“Jilly is a rescue. She is the smartest dog I’ve ever owned. I have another, larger dog but she is the boss!”

Name: Joey
Age: 14
Submitted by: Linda Jackson

Name: Sadie Mae
Age: 8
Submitted by: Matthew Shkaf
“Sadie is full of fun and energy. She loves to play outdoors with her tennis ball or run around the yard making sure I am “safe” from wildlife while I am

Name: Rick III
Age: 9 months
Submitted by: Mary Patterson
“Rick III is a future service dog.”

Name: Rider
Age: 8
Submitted by: Rana
“Rider is our precious rescue! He’s everywhere I go, like my shadow.”

Name: Harley
Age: 4
Submitted by: RACHEL EDWARDS
“Harley is a goofy but very protective German Shepherd. We love him very, very much!”

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