NAME: Sophie
AGE: 20
SUBMITTED BY: Terri Troutman

“Sophie was abandoned in the woods by her previous owners because she urinated on their clothing. She was terrified of their big dog and small children. I was shocked when I realized she was also declawed, and therefore, unable to defend herself. She was dirty, matted and starving. It took me several hours to gain her trust, but after that, it was true love. I’ve had her now for ten years, and she is a pampered princess, and a real blessing in my life!"



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  1. Karen Laco-Breen

    Voting for Sophie’s beautiful photo by Terri Troutman. Absolutely beautiful in everyway!.
    Sophie’s story is amazing-
    From a sad beginning to a sweet life of joy and love.
    The kindness and love of her Mom and Dad deeply touched my heart. Truly inspiring. 🐾💕

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