Name: Buster
Age: About 11 years old (he’s a rescue)
Submitted by: Jacqueline Soccodato
"Buster is an 11 year old street dog rescued by Animal Alliance of NJ. He has the best personality, he’s smart as a whip and loves to have a job! He’s an agility champion! He loves his mom and he is her very best friend. Here is Buster, he says, “Summer is here, I can taste it”! He loves keeping cool in the pool with his RexSpecs goggles… all the cool dogs are wearing them ;)"


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  1. Yolanda Rodriguez

    Go Buster!!!

  2. Louise

    Buster is the BEST

  3. Yolanda Rodriguez

    Buster is a such a good dog!

  4. Tina Maiuolo

    Yay buster!!!!

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