The Last Question!

WAIT JUST A GOSH DARN MINUTE!! How did you get this far if you don’t like “party games?” 

MAYBE, you’re just one of those people who like to “hang” when you’re around people and not “commit” to anything as “long term” as a party game. You can deal with your commitment issues later but we got you covered anyway. Yes, it’s full of surprises and action…yes, it captures your attention and seduces you into it deeper as you play…and yes, it will liven up ANY room…BUT 2020: THE BEST YEAR EVER (THE GAME) may also be the most laid back board game ever! Think of it as kind of a “one night stand” that you keep wanting one more night with.

That is why 2020: THE BEST YEAR EVER (THE GAME) is the PERFECT party game! Whether you’re an extrovert that has been DYING to get back out there after being locked up for so long OR an introvert that has serious trepidation and trauma over been forced to resume life as before, 2020: THE BEST YEAR EVER (THE GAME) IS YOUR GAME! It will provide the perfect foundation for all the extroverts AND introverts come back together and build a new future! (Okay, so maybe that was a little over the top…but you WILL have fun playing this game…and you won’t have to “commit” – but, if you get over your commitment issues, draw the right card, and DO want to get married – your ceremony is on us….seriously reserve your copy now!

(Oh, and thank you for “taking this test”…here’s a little “gift” for playing along: