Question 11...

Cold!! But we get it…after spending so much time in lockdown and not even being able to see the people we DO know, who wants to “break ice” with NEW people? With that in mind, 2020: THE BEST YEAR EVER (THE GAME) was designed to “soften the blow” of old friends coming back together after a year of staying apart (and you WILL get to know each other even better with this game, trust us). But what a GREAT way to “break the ice” with people you are just getting to know as you “re-integrate” back into society after spending months in “isolation.” 

I guess what we’re saying is if you HAVE to “break ice” anyway, this game provides a nice on ramp. So if you have no plans on “getting out there” again anytime soon, this game is THE game for re-connecting with pre-pandemic friends and if you DO decide to “take the plunge,” this is THE game for getting to know your “post-pandemic” friends! 

So “break the ice” right now and reserve YOUR copy of 2020: THE BEST YEAR EVER (THE GAME) and then go to the LAST question on this “test.”