From The Rev...

Okay, so this game is so cool!

First of all it’s a board game but not like any other board game I’ve ever played. The whole board is filled with tons of funny pictures of shit that happened in 2020 and the “spaces” are actually a rolled out roll of toilet paper and each square is a space! I could look at that board for hours!

So then, you start – and any player who was an essential worker during the pandemic gets to go first (which is very cool) – and, to start, you have to “take a COVID test” which is this really cool spinner that you spin and hope the spinner lands on “negative” – OH, by the way, the spinner is DOUBLE-SIDED and the other side is a “vaccine test” but we’ll get to that in a second.

First, IF you “test positive” on your “COVID test,” you have to go straight to the “Quarantine” space and you have to wait until your next turn to take another test! BUT, if you “test negative,” you roll the dice (which are ALSO very cool because the “dots” on the dice are funny little COVID cartoons!) and you move your “player” that many toilet paper spaces.

OH, and the “players” are SO funny! They are all 2020 icons! Like there’s a paper towel roll (called Parker), a toilet paper roll (called Taylor), an amazon box (called Alex), a can of Lysol (called Lonnie), a bottle of Corona beer (called Cory), a murder hornet (called Murphy), and a pink flamingo (that apparently doesn’t have a name – I call him Floyd but you can call him whatever you want – besides he MAY be a girl…I don’t know!). And THEN there’s the “mystery player” that may be different in every box, I don’t know – All I know for sure, is that even the pieces in this game are fun!

Okay, so you move your “player” to a space determined by your roll of the dice and you do what the space tells you. Some of the spaces actually tell you to do something – like roll again or lose a turn or something like that. And SOME of the spaces make you take another COVID test and if you “test positive” you have to go back to “quarantine!” But most of the spaces tell you to draw a card.

And there’s two kinds of cards: “point cards” are cards with a blue splat on them and they usually have some 2020 related fact or scenario that will either GIVE you points or SUBTRACT your points. And this is important because the points determine who wins the game. You keep your point cards (but sometimes you have to discard one or give it to another player – and sometimes another player can just TAKE one of your point cards!) But when the game ends, you total the points on all the cards you have and that determine who wins.

And then there are the “play cards” with the RED splat. You really never know what you’re going to get with these cards! Usually you have to do something and I’m not going to give too much away but I guarantee these cards are going to make you laugh (or cry – you just don’t know!) – a LOT!

OH – By the way – if you land on a space that is already occupied? You guessed it, you BOTH have to take a COVID test!

…Now there is ONE space on the board that is called a “super spreader event” space and if ANYBODY lands on THAT space EVERYBODY has to go straight to quarantine until they get a negative COVID test!

BUT, there is ALSO a “Vaccine Testing Center” space and if you land on THAT space, you get to use the “Vaccine Test” spinner – which, if you remember, is on the reverse side of the COVID test. If your vaccine test is successful, the game is OVER! And then everybody adds up their plus point cards and the minus point cards and the player with the most points wins! Usually! Like I said, this game is full of surprises and everything can change with a single roll or a single card.

You gotta play it to see what I mean.

So, that’s pretty much the game – and there are other editions and expansions coming – which is awesome cuz I seriously can’t get enough of this game!