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NAME: Mauli
AGE: 12
STORY: Mauli is the best dog she is great with adults and kids she is house trained
She loves playing with anyone who will play with her she minds good


NAME: Boo-Boo
AGE: 10
STORY: Boo-Boo loves to lock you when your not paying attention. She’s very curious and likes to bump objects with her nose.


NAME: Odie
AGE: 12
STORY: Odie loves to get himself completely under the covers to take his nap.

SUBMITTED BY: Kimberly Pierce

NAME: Little Man
AGE: 10
STORY: My Little Man is my service animal. We lost our home in the Sabine river flood a little over 5 years ago. Shortly after that my husband of 32 years died. We had to go to homeless shelter. I am a disabled widow now. As a side effect of the stroke I have seizures if I don’t take medicine. I had run out and couldn’t get it till next day. That evening I had a very bad seizure and stopped breathing. When my apt. MANAGER GOT TO MY DOOR BECAUSE my Little Man was barking so frantically. He had torn the drapes and mini blinds off the window and was flinging hisself at the window trying to get me help. When the manager opened the door he was jumping on my chest. He was doing CPR for me. Saved my life.

SUBMITTED BY: Wanda Whiddon

NAME: Miss Rose
AGE: 13
STORY: My miss rose was a service dog before we got her. she is very quiet until the door bell or phone rings timer goes off then she runs to where I am gets me nose butts me runs to the noise and runs back again so cute no barking just smiles and love.

SUBMITTED BY: Kathy barnes

NAME: Hatsuko Chana Tatum
AGE: 6 months
STORY: I am the only survivor of a house fire on 18-December-2020 that took my spouse, my Service Dog a Shiba Inu, Marley Michiko and her little sister Kuri Tatsuo a Blue Heeler/Mountain Cur mix. I was lucky, even with 3rd Degree burns, I was discharged from the hospital on 22-December-2020. Lived in my car behind the burnt house, for a night with only a $500 Red Cross Debit card, so I was saving it until the next night when a friend called the police to “twist my arm” to go to the $60 a night Motel 6. On 12-January-2021, I moved into an empty HUD Section 8 apartment. On 18-January-2021, I turned the key on the Retort and started the cremation process for my spouse (due to being in the hospital, I never had that opportunity with my “Girls of the Canine Persuasion”…they were taken by our County Humane Society to our Vet, and they immediately transferred them to a pet crematory we had used since we moved back to my spouses home in 1996…only found this out last Friday…no letter, no call, no email…from either…and their collars were “tossed” so I don’t even have those). The Funeral Mass of my spouse was on 10-February-2021, 2 days on what would have been their 64th birthday. Due to us being in Mansfield, Ohio the ground was frozen at the cemetery where church donated a grave. So we had the Inurnment Burial on 05-April-2021, on Easter Monday. On the following Sunday, my Service Dog in Training, Hatsuko Chana joined me (“Divine Mercy Sunday”) here I’m Mansfield after being driven up from Cincinnati, Ohio. So I have been training her myself ever since then. She has been with me to every doctor’s appointment I have had (Internist, Opthomologist due to my Glaucoma, post-fire counseling, psychiatrist, and many more). This photo that is attached is when I went to my Urologist for a cancer follow-up visit with my Urologist a week ago Monday. Everyone falls in love with her, and she is on the road to being a great Service Dog. Kathy barnes

NAME: Winston
AGE: 8 months
STORY: We lost our dog four years ago, which we dearly missed. Then a breeder was recommended to us who had Miniture Austrian Shepherds. We fell in love with our Winston and he fell in love with us. We took him to puppy behavior class and are presently taking him to dog parks. He loves jumping the hurdles. He love jumping and catching bubbles, and snow flakes. He’s great at fetch and herding birds,airplanes, and squirrels away from his yard. Lol. Winston has brought joy in our lives.


NAME: Duke
AGE: 2 be three in March
STORY: Duke he is originally from Tennessee we rescued him from angels among us rescue dukes 2 sisters died from par o his brother got hit by a car and had his leg fixed duke only healthy one he is amazing well behaved and never had dog training before I worked with him . He loves kisses bones and swimming in pond he also loves my small grandkids and great watch dog he is very smart he waits for me walk down stairs first as he knows I gad knee replacement surgery and he wants me safe I think duke deserves to win he’s a lab mix and tribute to all rescue dogs who got a lousy start but happy ending dukes brother was lucky too he got great home in Rhode Island

SUBMITTED BY: Judith Bates