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NAME: Goliat
AGE: 13
SUBMITTED BY: Adelina Gonzalez

“Goliat is my bestest friend. He is a 13 year old teacup toy poodle who is full of attitude and spice. He is blind now and has no teeth but he doesn’t

NAME: Ruger
AGE: 10 months
SUBMITTED BY: Judith Bates

“Ruger came to me when I was very sad my other boxer di d of spleen cancer my heart felt broken and I was depressed so I decided to get another

NAME: Mauli
AGE: 12
STORY: Mauli is the best dog she is great with adults and kids she is house trained
She loves playing with anyone who will play with her she minds good


NAME: Boo-Boo
AGE: 10
STORY: Boo-Boo loves to lick you when your not paying attention. She’s very curious and likes to bump objects with her nose.


NAME: Odie
AGE: 12
STORY: Odie loves to get himself completely under the covers to take his nap.

SUBMITTED BY: Kimberly Pierce

NAME: Little Man
AGE: 10
STORY: My Little Man is my service animal. We lost our home in the Sabine river flood a little over 5 years ago. Shortly after that my husband of 32 years died. We had to

NAME: Miss Rose
AGE: 13
STORY: My miss rose was a service dog before we got her. she is very quiet until the door bell or phone rings timer goes off then she runs to where I am gets me

NAME: Hatsuko Chana Tatum
AGE: 6 months
STORY: I am the only survivor of a house fire on 18-December-2020 that took my spouse, my Service Dog a Shiba Inu, Marley Michiko and her little sister Kuri Tatsuo a Blue Heeler/Mountain

NAME: Winston
AGE: 8 months
STORY: We lost our dog four years ago, which we dearly missed. Then a breeder was recommended to us who had Miniture Austrian Shepherds. We fell in love with our Winston and he fell in

NAME: Duke
AGE: 2 be three in March
STORY: Duke he is originally from Tennessee we rescued him from angels among us rescue dukes 2 sisters died from par o his brother got hit by a car and had his