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Name: Mattie
Age: 3 years old
Submitted by: Brianna Hall
“Escaping the Sun with Some River Fun!”

Name: Louis
Age: 3
Submitted by: Izzy Fittro
“Louis is a 3 year old Yorkie! He make is smile everyday. He loves to give kisses and is a cuddle bug.”

Name: Harley
Age: 10 months
Submitted by: Valerie Greco
“So pretty”

Name: Cooper
Age: 1.5
Submitted by: Hope

Name: Red and Booties
Age: 3 and 14
Submitted by: Terri Bryant
“Patiently waiting.”

Name: Moose
Age: 4 years old
Submitted by: TARA the TERROR
“Alright! I’m ready for my close up.”

Name: Luke
Age: 4
Submitted by: Charles Willis
“We just adopted Luke after he had spent over 5 months in the local canine center.”

Name: Ruger
Age: 4
Submitted by: Charles Willis
“We adopted Ruger 3 yrs ago from the local canine center.”

Name: Amber
Age: 10 months
Submitted by: Annamaria Kolar
“Miss Amber is cute, lovable & a little bit of sass!”

Name: Cooper
Age: 9 years old
Submitted by: Alison Borowicz
“Cooper is a 9 year old goldendoodle. He loves to patrol his yard watching for rabbits, birds, and squirrels. He also loves to ride on the paddle board!”

Name: Kiwi
Age: 1
Submitted by: Brittney O’donnell
“Kiwi came to us at 4 months old after she was found roaming the streets. She was crazy, nuts and off the wall. Kiwi is now a little over a year, is

Name: Betty
Age: 2
Submitted by: Donna LeBleu
“Betty making a fast getaway after raiding our garden of a Spaghetti Squasy”

Name: Molly And Sadie
Age: 2
Submitted by: Sandy Newell
“Our 2 year old twin sisters Sadie and Molly sunbathing and hunting bugs.”

Name: Sophie
Age: 1 1/2 years old
Submitted by: marcie kirschenbaum
“best dog ever”

Name: Max Perez
Age: 1
Submitted by: Baily Perez
“c’mon, you going to throw the ball?”

Name: Kronos
Age: 9
Submitted by: Tiffany Hughes
“Kronos is a half deaf Australian Cattle Dog adopted from Arizona Cattle Dog Rescue. He loves learning tricks, going for hikes, and swimming. He has achieved his Champion Trick Dog Title, was

Name: Abby
Age: 11 years old
Submitted by: Lisa trumbull

Name: Nala
Age: 1
Submitted by: Judy Young
“Keepin cool, floating in the pool.”

Name: Honeybug
Age: 9 yrs
Submitted by: Sandy Decker
“Honeybuggin’ sun lovin’ hound”

Name: Winston
Age: 7 months
Submitted by:
“We take him grocery shopping with us. And everybody just thinks he’s so cute and wants to pet him because Winston is very very friendly”

Age: 6
Submitted by: Samantha Tucker
“Maggie may is my mom and dad’s dog . Mom wanted another dog so dad let her get one . Maggie is a sweet boston terrier. She loves her bell rubbed . Love

Name: Ozzy
Age: 2
Submitted by: Delbert Smith
“Ozzy is a lot of fun and a blast to be around”

Name: Molly
Age: 4
Submitted by: Delbert Smith
“Molly is a purebred Sweetheart”

Name: Lilly
Age: 2
Submitted by: Debbie Darcey
“Lilly turned 2 in July! She is a beautiful Princess husky! She loves everyone and loves to go on adventures!”

Name: Henry
Age: 13 months
Submitted by: Brian smith
“My prince loves to trot around the backyard keep it safe from birds squirrels and delivery men”

Name: Punkin
Age: 1 year old
Submitted by: Robert Walker
“Punkin is my ride or die buddy as we drive for Uber every day.”

Name: Roxie
Age: 1
Submitted by: Pat Kaufman
“This little blue eyed girl is very smart and so lovable. She loves everyone ( including her 2 cat brothers) and playing with all her toys.”

Name: Pablo
Age: 5 Years
Submitted by: Brian Jordan
“I can lay down the cute all day, What’re ya waiting for?? “

Name: Nash
Age: 2
Submitted by: Diane Schlosser
“Nash just chillin”

Name: Charlie
Age: 1
Submitted by: Barbara Posey
“Charlie is a wonderful pet he lives in North Little Rock Arkansas he loves going walking playing fetch and really loves everyone’s attention vote Charlie vote for Arkansas”

Name: Finneus Neptune
Age: 8
Submitted by: Kathleen DeLorme

Name: Maggie
Age: 5 yrs old
Submitted by: Brianna
“Maggie is a Chiweenie she is precious, loving and kind and knows many tricks!”

Name: Shadow
Age: 4
Submitted by: Christina hagadus

Name: Auggie Doggie
Age: 5 years
Submitted by: Maria
“Auggie Doogie dressed as a cool Dood at WoofStock 2022”

Name: Dory
Age: 11
Submitted by: Alice Hayes
“Dory came into the clinic where I worked as a rescue. Her hips were dislocated and she was covered with a skin infection. Right then I knew I had to take care

Name: Rocco
Age: 5
Submitted by: Ellen Moran
“Rocco is the sweetest boy. He hangs out on the porch keeping my 93 year old mom company”

Name: Chloe
Age: 3
Submitted by: Alyssa

Name: Smol Boi
Age: he passed away last month at 16 months old
Submitted by: Darla Bragg
“Sometimes special people come into our lives, stay for a bit, Then they have to go…But the bit where they were here was

Name: Cherry
Age: 5
Submitted by: Julie
“Cherry is the coolest dog ever!! Always entertaining and gives 101% to everything she does!!!”

Name: Buddy
Age: 2
Submitted by: Naida Parker

Name: Diesel
Age: 1 year 7 months
Submitted by: Monica Palko
“Diesel is our rescue pup from Mississippi… We rescued through Southern Paws Inc…. he’s amazing, engertic and keeps us on our toes every day….”

Name: Gucci
Age: 9 years
Submitted by: Ginny stortz
“A rescue about 4 years ago. A yorkie mix”

Name: Heidi
Age: 10
Submitted by: Debbie

Name: Jeter
Age: 13
Submitted by: Debbie Rohr

Name: Gizmo
Age: 6
Submitted by: Cheryl Todd
“Very Smart young Man of a Human Dog. .You say let’s go he turns and faces his behind to you to be picked up.”

Name: Wren
Age: 1
Submitted by: Hagen
“Wren is the best agility dog. When she was only 3 months old she fallow her brother over the biggest jump at the park it was at lest 4 feet hight ever sense

Name: tazzy boblitt
Age: 7
Submitted by: Marcy boblitt
“Tazzy checking out something”

Name: Bear
Age: 3
Submitted by: melissa
“He is my doofy dog. He’s funny, unpredictable. He loves swimming in the creek and splashing on the water pad.”

Name: Goliath
Age: 18 months
Submitted by: Kathleen Miller
“Goliath is an Anatolian Shepherd. He is being trained as my Mobility Assistance Dog. In his off time he loves to run with his Buds.”

Name: Shadow
Age: 4
Submitted by: Meagan Martinez
“My dog is named shadow he is a 4 year old pitbull. He loves windy days and loves to be spoiled”

Name: Jade
Age: 3
Submitted by: Wanda Childs

Name: Toby
Age: 10 years old now
Submitted by: Laura Posey
“Then is when Toby was a baby. His momma had four babies and they all died except for him. My daughter bottle feed him from when he was 4

Name: Mako
Age: 6
Submitted by: Greg

Name: Grettles
Age: 10
Submitted by: Salvatore Patane

Name: Greyson
Age: 3
Submitted by: Marie
“I see you Mr. Squirrel and I’m watching you.”

Name: Cali
Age: 3.5
Submitted by: Pamela Puskas
“Cali is in the audience for a dogpark tug of war.”

Name: Gentry
Age: 6
Submitted by: Cheryl Bulmer

Name: Leah
Age: 1 year
Submitted by: Ellen karan
“Husky/shepherd mix from Puerto Rico we adopted from local rescue in NJ”

Name: Beans bacon
Age: 2
Submitted by: Amy Bleile
“Being bacon is my two-year-old service dog. He picks up things for me like my phone since I am in a wheelchair. He loves to give kisses play with his toys

Name: Wilson
Age: 5
Submitted by: Patty MacLuckie
“My Wilson is the friendliest dog. He Does AKC events such as Obedience , Rally and he loves FastCat! He loves to swim too!”

Name: Boomer
Age: 4 months
Submitted by: Caitlin
“This is Boomer, a 4 month old Australian shepherd. He loves wrestling with his brother, chasing tennis balls, treats, and swimming.”

Name: Shadow
Age: 9 months
Submitted by: Caitlin silva
“This is Shadow, a 9 month Australian shepherd. He loves swimming, chasing tennis balls, sprinklers, and his little brother.”

Name: Molly & Desmond
Age: 3
Submitted by: Gina Eskew
“Please mom!”

Name: Tucker
Submitted by: Carol
“Tucker is a 2 year old bloodhound that loves people. His only problem is he thinks he is a lap dog at 115 lbs!”


Name: Bo
Age: 1
Submitted by: Carol
“Bo loves story time”

Name: Sunshine
Age: 4 months
Submitted by: Sheila Dixon

Name: Holly
Age: 9 months
Submitted by: Mary Carney
“Chilling out by the pool”

Name: Ponchik
Age: 5 years old
Submitted by: Christine Kasparov

Name: Daisy
Age: 11.5 years
Submitted by: Jennifer KATZ
“This is Daisy she is my rescue a leonberger mix . Daisy is full of personality she loves her sister Lili a 15 month old westie and loves car rides ..

Name: Jasper
Age: 14
Submitted by: Becky

Name: Barkley
Age: 4
Submitted by: Jodi Beyer
“Barkley is a big loveable Teddy Bear Golden Doodle. He makes everyone he meets smile and loves to get pet and hugged.”

Name: Joseph
Age: 2 years old
Submitted by: Lisa clowes

Joseph our doberman says there is no better way to cool off then dock diving on these dog days of summer. “


Name: Buster
Age: About 11 years old (he’s a rescue)
Submitted by: Jacqueline Soccodato
“Buster is an 11 year old street dog rescued by Animal Alliance of NJ. He has the best personality, he’s smart as a whip and loves

Name: Train
Age: 5
Submitted by: Greg
“This one’s mine”

Name: Cathy Penn
Age: 3 months old
Submitted by: Cathy Penn
“She is a Lot kinda of dog breeds”

Name: Spumoni
Age: 2
Submitted by: Frankie-Lee Bueno
“Have a wonderful afternoon with a little scoop of Spumoni”

Name: Presley
Age: 5
Submitted by: Michelle Roy
“This is Presley in our horse carriage driving dog class”

Name: Buddy
Age: 8 Months
Submitted by: Wendie Brooks
“Buddy is a great puppy he loves to go for walks, go to the beach, to chase his tennis ball, and to just hang out with his family.”

Name: Xena
Age: 1 years old
Submitted by: Karen kohn
“Xena loves her stuffed animals that she sleeps with them. When I say it bed time she brings all her babies in her crate before she says good night to

Name: Rexy
Age: 12
Submitted by: Melissa Ulrichs
“Hi my name is Rexy,iam 12 year old rescued Pomeranian and I love being outside in nature and love butterflies but get scared easy especially loud noises,so if wasn’t for my mom

Name: Goose
Age: 2.5 years
Submitted by: Carrie Okelly
“We adopted Goose after being found roaming the streets of south Chicago. Luckily, he escaped his tormentors, who obviously kept him locked in a cage for his first year of life.


Name: JJ Shamblin
Age: 8 months
Submitted by: Tammy shamblin
“I am JJ I am mommies baby after she lost her other baby”

Name: Bolt
Age: 15 years
Submitted by: Tommie Leith
“So loyal he follows me everywhere, even with 2 bad hips, a huge tumor under his front leg, I love him so much and his devotion for me”

Name: Diesel
Age: 8 months
Submitted by: Jim Arndt
“My Little man,Diesel 8 months old,pure bred Black Lab”

Name: Riley
Age: 7
Submitted by: alice Morris
“Going to grandma’s house for the day”

Name: Cesar Millan
Age: 6yr
Submitted by: Cynthia Turner

Name: Petey
Age: 4
Submitted by: Kim Heisser
“I thought I was rescuing him! Little did I know he was going to rescue me right back. He is the best dog in the world and I love him too much

Name: Phantom
Age: 3 months
Submitted by: Shannon Burchfield
“Picture is two days after I picked him up from the breeder. I wanted to capture just how adorable he is. He’s getting really big already and is a drama king

Name: Draco
Age: 8 weeks
Submitted by: Diana Hammonds

Name: Peyton
Age: 9
Submitted by: Mari
“My boy Peyton cheering on the Colorado Avalanche during the playoffs. Pretty sure he is the reason they won the Stanley Cup!”

Name: Ghostface
Age: 9 months
Submitted by: Anaalisia Montiel
“This is Ghostface named after the infamous Ghostface Killah from Wu-Tang Clan. He is a 9 month English Bulldog. He is the most adventurous playful pup! He loves people and every

Name: Ser John Benjamin
Age: 3
Submitted by: Tamera petroff

Name: Rosie
Age: 11
Submitted by: Debra Shaw
“A loyal yet lovable lady. Love this girl.”

Name: Jilly bean
Age: 5
Submitted by: Susan Yanover
“Jilly is a rescue. She is the smartest dog I’ve ever owned. I have another, larger dog but she is the boss!”

Name: Sadie Mae
Age: 8
Submitted by: Matthew Shkaf
“Sadie is full of fun and energy. She loves to play outdoors with her tennis ball or run around the yard making sure I am “safe” from wildlife while I am

Name: Joey
Age: 14
Submitted by: Linda Jackson

Name: Rick III
Age: 9 months
Submitted by: Mary Patterson
“Rick III is a future service dog.”

Name: Harley
Age: 4
Submitted by: RACHEL EDWARDS
“Harley is a goofy but very protective German Shepherd. We love him very, very much!”

Name: Lucky Handsome
Age: 70yrs.
Submitted by: Broderick O Lovett
“Outgoing understanding humorous &very very affectionate.”

Name: Rider
Age: 8
Submitted by: Rana
“Rider is our precious rescue! He’s everywhere I go, like my shadow.”

Name: Alyx
Age: 2
Submitted by:
“Alyx is a Shiba who enjoys playing games and eating treats!”

Name: Gale
Age: 9 years old
Submitted by: Amber Mills
“gale was wondering outside in a storm and my sister picked her up and brought her to the house”

Name: Shelby
Age: 2 years
Submitted by: Karla ferry
“Shelby girl loves a really good chew to, she destroys them so well”

Name: Coco
Age: 2.5
Submitted by: Robyn Brooks
“Coco is a lovey. She has a card in your game. Coco goes to doggie daycare every Sunday. Every other Sunday she get a bath, nails,teeth cleaning and a blueberry facial. She

Name(s): Hickory, Hannie, & Millie
Age: 9 yrs
Submitted by: Melissa
“Room for one more.”

Name: Basil
Age: 8 months
Submitted by: Julie
“Basil had a blast hiking in Hot Springs. The backpack helped make sure his paws didn’t get burned.”

Name: Little Bear
Age: 14ish
Submitted By: Kim Purbably
Little Bear is a lady of distinction. She loves belly rubs, naps, and snacks. She loves laps and LOVES attention. She is also a fierce protector.

NAME: Winchester
AGE: 3
SUBMITTED BY: Amy Mckinniss
“Winchester is not just our pet he is a part of our family. He brings us sunshine when sometimes we feel only darkness. We love him so much.”

NAME: Buddy
AGE: 2

NAME: Odie
AGE: 13
SUBMITTED BY: Paul Jaramillo

“Odie is a coffee-lovin’, lizard hunting, sun worshipping king of pup. He brings short bursts of energy all day long.”