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Name: Ms. Kitty Girl
Age: 1
Submitted by: Rhonda Percival
“She loves going on walks.”

Name: Olivia
Age: 1.5 years
Submitted by: Tracy Combs
“My Beautiful Tuxedo Girl…Olivia.”

Name: Sophia
Age: 8
Submitted by: Tracy Combs
“This vocal girl always has lots to say and loves to talk to you. She had a rough life before her rescue. She has FIV and they had to pull all her

Name: Leo
Age: 2
Submitted by: Karen
“Leo is the king of his neighborhood! A great hunter of mice, squirrels, snakes, crickets, goldfish, anything really. But a sweet snuggle boi too. And his best friends are dogs!”

Name: Bonnie
Age: 2 1/2 years
Submitted by: Angela Burmeister

Name: Simon
Age: 15 years old
Submitted by: Janet Stanley
“Simon is in good health except has one eye one ear. He had one eye removed due to glaucoma. Such a big lap cat and very loveable”

Name: Jade
Age: 7
Submitted by: Kent portenier
“Great place to hide”

Name: Argo
Age: 3 years
Submitted by: Dawn Coleman
“My sweet argo”

Name: KitKat
Age: 1 year
Submitted by: Linda Bedell
“She loves the outdoors, chasing anything that moves, she loves to be close to us all the time.”

Name: Roscoe kitty
Age: 15 months
Submitted by: Nicole Gamble

Name: Misha
Age: 10 months
Submitted by: Amy Welch
“Caught in the towel cupboard”

Name: Larken
Age: 9 months
Submitted by: Tracy Combs
“This Sweet Ball of Fur is Larken. Shes a Rescue Baby. Loves to Play on her Cat Tree”

Name: Grayson
Age: 4
Submitted by: Tracy Combs
“Beautiful Wide Eyed Grayson …He always has a almost cartoon look to his face. He is such a Handsome Boy. He loves drinking from the tap and laying in the bathroom sink

Name: Salem Akimi
Age: 3
Submitted by: Tracy Combs
“My Beautiful Kitty …Salem Akimi…he loves giving hugs and will stand up to get one from his mom. He is such a sweet boy “

Name: Princess Sameela
Age: 13
Submitted by: Tracy Combs
“This Beautiful girl is Princess Sameela…she might be a bit of a diva but she has every right to be and treated as such. Meme as her mom calls her or

Name: Louie Meowington
Age: 7 years old
Submitted by: Theresa

Name: Miss kitty
Age: 5 months
Submitted by: Lisa Waters

Name: 8~Ball
Age: 7
Submitted by: Karen Dahl

Name: Frankie
Age: 4
Submitted by: Shirley
“Frankie was lost in the woods as a kitten. I adopted him from the local animal shelter. He was pretty frightened at first but has turned into a very loving sweet kitty.”

Name: Buttercup
Age: 2yrs
Submitted by: Margie wheat
“Rescued him 2 yrs ago. He was lying in the back yard when he was only a couple weeks old near death. Turned out to be a beautiful loving cat.”

Name: Izzy
Age: 2 yrs old
Submitted by: Diane Nowack
“Izzy loves to play with her toys and look outside in backyard watching squirrels eat chestnuts ontop of fence.”

Name: Ginger Snap
Age: 4 years old
Submitted by: LaJunia Feicho
“Ginger Snap is an excellent mouser and loves catnip and salmon!!!”

Age: 4 yrs. old
Submitted by: Toby Lynne Schwartz
“My glamour kitty was 18 yrs.old when she crossed over the rainbow bridge. Shown here with her pumpkin pal! She is Always in my heart!”

Name: Cuddles
Age: 1 yrs old
Submitted by: Stephanie Pinckley
“Cuddles is our emotional support greeter and a companion to our special needs kitties. He is a hero and loves all forms of life. He was also a rescue from

Age: 5
Submitted by: TRACY COMBS
“This Beautiful Girl is Wrena ….We call her Miss Indepent. She Loves to Give Herself Haircuts lol.”

Age: 7
Submitted by: TRACY COMBS
“This Sweet Laid Back Boy is Ashby. He Loves Making Biscuits and He Loves Eating Fresh Hot Biscuits out of the Oven lol.”

Age: 5
Submitted by: TRACY COMBS
“Hi I’m Oliver …I’m a big boy but more of a big teddy bear. I wondered onto the porch and into my mommy’s heart . I had a rough life before that.

Name: LUCA
Age: 3
Submitted by: TRACY COMBS
“Hello …I’m Luca …I came to my mom as a stray…I use to walk with her around her complex and she would feed me. I think my sweet face won her over

Name: Toby C’Weed
Age: 10 yrs. old
Submitted by: Toby Lynne Schwartz
“My Patriotic cat was 14 yrs. old when she crossed over the rainbow bridge. Her original owner was a Veteran who Loved his cat & Loved his Country!”

Name: Cooper
Age: 4
Submitted by: TRACY Combs
“My Beautiful Cooper…Bounds of Energy and a Protecting Soul. Can’t Imagine Life Without Him “

Name: REBA
Age: 9 yrs. 3 months
Submitted by: Toby Lynne Schwartz
“My “country cat”, named after Reba McEntire, “sings” Happy Halloween while wearing her”good witch” hat!”

Name: Mia
Age: 4
Submitted by: TRACY COMBS
“This Sweet Girl is Everyone’s Friend …Humans and Fur Babies Alike. She has the best nature about her. She is our gentle spirit ….Our Mia”

Name: LUNA
Age: 4
Submitted by: TRACY COMBS
“This Beauty is Luna with her Betty Davis Eyes and Sassy Attitude lol. She is definitely the boss”

Name: Laney
Age: 7yrs
Submitted by: Julie sant
“My Laney girl. Adopted of course! And Yes, that is the color of her eyes!!”

Name: Gigi
Age: 1 yr
Submitted by: Debbie Starks

Name: Bandit
Age: 13
Submitted by: Debbie
“He passed in July miss him so much”

Name: LYRA
Age: 1
Submitted by: TRACY COMBS
“Hi I’m Lyra ….I smile all the time and with good reason. My mommy rescued me from a bad person who had taped me in a box to die on a very

Age: 3
Submitted by: TRACY COMBS
“Hi I’m Paxton Sawyer….I’m what u call my mommas ADHD Kitty lol. I have bounds of energy and I’m very vocal too. I love a good snuggle with my mommy. Sometimes

Name: Salem
Age: 1yr
Submitted by: Tisha Clark
“Salem is a funny girl. Always getting into things, like my husband’s lunch box! I got her for my 25th wedding anniversary.”

Name: Jelly beans
Age: 2
Submitted by: Donna Fisher
“Jelly beans he’s 2 years old and happy cat”

Name: Emerald
Age: 13 yrs. 5 months
Submitted by: Toby Lynne Schwartz
“I rescued my sassy black cat, with the sparkling green eyes, after being hit by a car! She tolerates wearing her new hat that she won at a

Name: Cocoa
Age: 17
Submitted by: Connie Thompson
“Cocoa is friendly and you can dress her up in eny thing and she loves it”

Name: Star AKA Jolene the Stomper Monkey
Submitted by: Laurie Teague
“Starlite has a very expressive face. Her tail has rings. She looks like a long-tailed lemur. “

Name: Treasure Ann
Submitted by: Theodore Newlin
“Treasure is very mild mannered. Some of her many nicknames are “T-bird”, and “ManaTee”, but when she is in trouble it’s always “Treasure Ann”.”

Name: Molly
Age: 9
Submitted by: Bonnie
“You can run but you can’t hide! Coming for you!”

Age: 2
Submitted by: TRACY COMBS
“Hi I’m Freya ….I Was Born With Only 1 Eye but Don’t let that fool u, nor do I Let it interfere with my Bird Watching Noth from the Window and When

Name: Cheesecake
Age: 5 months
Submitted by: Kaitlynn
“Very psycho”

Name: Yogi
Age: 11 weeks
Submitted by: Karen Lawrence
“Yogi is a curious cat for sure!”

Name: Jack
Age: 7 years
Submitted by: Suzanne Thorson
“I got Jack right after my husband died unexpectedly of a heart attack.”

Name: Cheeto
Age: 3
Submitted by: Angie Ruth
“Hi my name Cheeto I’m a 3 year old fat cat thats love to be Eat and be lazy. My mom said she should of named me Garfield cause I love lasagna

Name: Noodles
Age: 6 months
Submitted by: Catherine Wilson

Name: Sassy
Age: 4 months
Submitted by: Melissa Jones

Name: Rosie
Age: 2
Submitted by: Doreen thompson

Name: Poo Poo Patty
Age: 12
Submitted by: William Guido
“My cat poo poo patty is very talented she drinks from a cup while using a straw”

Name: Poppy
Age: 1
Submitted by: Francy Knalls

Name: Baby Girl
Age: 2
Submitted by: Francy Knalls

Name: Miss. Kiss
Age: 6 months
Submitted by: Francy Knalls

Name: Kitty
Age: 7
Submitted by: Holli
“Such a lazy Summer, taking in the sun.”

Name: Sushi
Age: 1
Submitted by: Ashley Joseph
“I hope you get a smile from this picture of our black & white kitty Sushi, our very own grumpy cat (*zoom into his face to see his expression*). Don’t worry though

Name: Pogo Red
Age: 3
Submitted by: Cindy
“Pogo loves to chill in the fridge”

Name: Storm
Age: 5 months
Submitted by: Elizabeth Arquette

Name: Bella and Buddy
Age: About 16 months
Submitted by: Gina Yost
“Two sweet rescues that fight like enemies and then snuggle.”

Name: Stormy
Age: 4 years
Submitted by: Rosalinda Matejovetz
“Such a loving cat. Brings joy to our life.”

Name: Gizmo
Age: 2
Submitted by: Heather
“This boy walks on a leash, gives high fives, and loves everyone.
“As every cat owner knows, nobody owns a cat.”

Name: Mr Wiskers
Age: 1 year 4 months
Submitted by: Jay Thornton

Name: Munchkin
Age: 2
Submitted by: Sally Castillo

Name: Magic
Age: 5
Submitted by: Sue Webber
“Magic is a foster fail! He was adopted within four days of fostering – only took 15 minutes to know he would be staying with us forever! He’s pretty much a nut

Name: Winston and Iggy
Age: 7
Submitted by: Chris Brouillette
“Winston and Iggy brothers”

Name: Priscilla Presley
Age: 8 months
Submitted by: Ashley Arbogast

Name: Jetty and Jinx
Age: 5 months old
Submitted by: Cheryl
“True sister love.”

Name: Milia
Age: 3 years old
Submitted by: Cheryl
“Eyes that penetrate your heart!”

Name: Sammie
Age: 2
Submitted by: Dru Padgett

Name: Zorro
Age: 1 yr
Submitted by: Janet
“Hi! I’m Zorro and my Mom rescued me and my siblings (Ziggy and Zelda) when we were only 14 weeks old. We have a great life!”

Name: Zelda
Age: 1 yr
Submitted by: Janet
“Hi! I’m Zelda and my Mom rescued me and my brothers (Ziggy and Zorro) when we were only 14 weeks old. We have a great life!”

Name: Ziggy
Age: 1 yr
Submitted by: Janet
“Ziggy is always ready to play, and then have a big snuggle! He loves his brother and sister – Zorro and Zelda!”

Name: Georgie
Age: 3 years
Submitted by: Milia Cheryl

Name: Malibu
Age: 1 year
Submitted by: Debbie
“Got her at the animal shelter she adopted us I’ll never keep her up she’s so sweet”

Name: Ethul
Age: 1 year 7 months
Submitted by: Sierra Graves
“We Adopted her when she was 6 months old and she was found in a truck engine. She know has entered the cat olympics with her highly impressive jumps”

Name: Siri
Age: 11 months
Submitted by: Mary Catalone
“Hide and seek”

Name: Misho
Age: 5 months
Submitted by: Lana

Name: Leo
Age: .5 years
Submitted by: Shanna Laube-Anderson
“I was the best boy, my mommy told me so everyday.”

Name: Lilith
Age: 1
Submitted by: Jesse cross
“My name is Lilith, and I am 1 year old. I love cuddles with my dad and rubbing my face in his beard. Sometimes my brother and sisters get on my nerves

Name: Merle
Age: 6
Submitted by: Eve Kline
“The Professor”

Name: Sysco
Age: 2 years
Submitted by: Heather Durham

Name: Cheetah
Age: 9 years
Submitted by: Lori Hart

Name: Buttercup
Age: 1 year
Submitted by: Lori Hart

Name: Ciara
Age: 1 yr.
Submitted by: Donna Heagerty
“We adopted Ciara in March 2022 with another kitten, Savannah. Ciara is a sweet kitty. She is very vocal and loves to play.”

Name: Savannah
Age: 1 yr 1 month
Submitted by: Donna Heagerty
“We adopted Savannah with Ciara in March 2022. She has a quiet personality and loves her head petted constantly.”

Name: Benji
Age: About 9 mos.
Submitted by: Donna Heagerty
“We adopted BENJI August 2022. . He is rambunctious and constantly does zombies around the house!”

Name: Theodore
Age: 11
Submitted by: Casey
“Theodore likes to spend his days stalking his small human while she completes school.”

Name: Benny and Zoey
Age: 6 months and 2 Years
Submitted by: Brittany
“There are no pictures of Benny without Zoey. Benny is a dog trapped in a cats body she loves his big sister. He likes to get in

Name: munchkin
Age: 13
Submitted by: Joseph Almandarz
“Greatest loving kitty”

Name: Beanz
Age: 3 yrs
Submitted by: Cindy Martinez

Name: Diva Mac “DD”
Age: 3 years old
Submitted by: Cheryl Phillips
“DD was left in a box to die at the Ambassador Bridge, Detroit, Michigan. It was unusually hot that summer day and the business nearby knew she was

Name: Schmoo
Age: 4
Submitted by: Terrie drayton
“He is bit bigger now but still a schmooze”

Name: Princess Sophia
Age: 5 yrs
Submitted by: Leslie Martin
“I am a snowshoe Siamese and I’m Queen of the house. I love to try and get kitty treats out of the cabinet, torment my 2 brothers, be loved on

Name: Porsche
Age: 10 weeks
Submitted by: Nancy Roggio
“Porsche (Por-sha) is an adopted medium-haired tortoise shell and cream colored fuzz ball. She loves playing with her feather catcher and sitting on my shoulder.”

Name: Oscar
Age: 1 year
Submitted by: Vera Johnson
“Hi! I’m Oscar I was playing outside and I had to take a break and I decided to lay under a chair with my legs crossed and my owner Vera thought

Name: Cheetoh
Age: 3 yrs
Submitted by: Leslie Martin
“I am the best boy ever. I love to chase all the chameleons on the porch and bring some in the house for my mom. I love to cause havoc with

Name: Ditsy
Age: About 6
Submitted by: Susan Yanover
“I fostered Ditsy when she was a little over 2 weeks old. She was so tiny. Now she’s huge, much bigger than my other 3 cats. Her name fits her perfectly.

Name: Zoe
Age: 5
Submitted by: Karen Deshaies

Name: Toby
Age: 4 mo
Submitted by: Janice Bagwell
“Toby always sits and sleep in the most unusual”

Name: Scout
Age: 4 months
Submitted by: Kendra
“Scout was adopted @ 10 weeks old. He is a ball of energy.”

Name: Lightning Bug
Age: 3 years
Submitted by: Mitzi Lee
“This pole is about 6 feet tall and she loves to sit on it.
She was born in my room and I love to watch her ladylike moves. She jumps

Name: Navy
Age: 12 weeks
Submitted by: Amanda Keller

Name: Cianna Sage
Age: 1 year old
Submitted by: Anne
“Cianna Sage finding her inner peace!!”

Name: Ginger Lynn
Age: 3years
Submitted by: Cindi bailey

Name: Nala
Age: 4 months
Submitted by: Summer
“Nala loves to play but she also love her naps during the day”

Name: Patches
Age: 8
Submitted by: Julie Bowman

Name: Skipper
Age: 14 years
Submitted by: Bonnie Ellis
“I am just a lovable cat that is 14 years old and live with mom & brother. I like chilling at home and hanging with my brother.”

Name: Chopper
Age: 14
Submitted by: Bonnie Ellis
“My name is Chopper. I love getting lots of treats and relaxing with mg family. Especially like laying with my mom. Also love to carry my camel around all night.”

Name: Harriett
Age: 8 years
Submitted by: Vera Johnson
“Hello I’m Harriett normally I’m an indoor kitty but one day the door was open so I ran out and my owner Vera saw me sitting and watching the birds and

Name: Oscar
Age: 1 year
Submitted by: Vera Johnson
“Hi! I’m Oscar I was playing outside and I had to take a break and I decided to lay under a chair with my legs crossed and my owner Vera thought

Name: Babyboy
Age: 10
Submitted by: Loretta Delano
“Babyboy is my pride n Joy and my best friend he loves going outside for walks and he’s very friendly.”

Name: Thumper
Age: 6
Submitted by: Vanessa
“I’m a siamese bobtailed mommas boy. I love snuggles, chasing my fuzzy balls and my snacks. Mommy says I’m her handsome boy, and mommy’s are always right”

Name: Clayton Purrshaw
Age: 5 1/2 yrs old
Submitted by: Sparky Finley
“Clayton Purrshaw was born to a feral Mama. He was feral for 7 weeks. Having never been indoors, Clayty was a holy terror!”

Name: Minnie
Age: 2
Submitted by: ANGELIA L KEIFER

Name: Skittles
Age: 13
Submitted by: Laurie Gove
“Skittles is a toe biter but we love her very much”

Name: King George
Age: 21 weeks old
Submitted by: Michelle Kerner
“I adopted King George 11 weeks ago when he was 11 weeks old. He only weighed 2.4 lbs. Now he weighs 4.6. He is a perfect gentleman who loves

Name: Thomas
Age: 9
Submitted by: Debbie
“The big chill.”

Name: Sasha
Submitted by: Christy Shanklin
“She loves to try on my sandals.”

Name: Snookie
Age: 3
Submitted by: Melissa Zadlo
“Snookie was a stray that found her forever home!! She just had babies on Wed.,Sept.8th!! She had 3lil babies! She is so loved,n now her babies got a forever home,too n Snookie

Name: Little Smokey
Age: 12
Submitted by: Mary AnnePilette
“She’s a shy, chubby cat. She loves to be petted and has a loud purr.”

Name: Bernie
Age: 1
Submitted by: Donna

Name: Vito
Age: 12
Submitted by: Marie Short
“This is how I feel after having seconds for dinner”

Name: Arlo
Age: 10
Submitted by: Maureen Randolph
“Arlo passed last year. He was absolutely THE BEST CAT EVER!!”

Name: Malachi
Age: 5yrs old
Submitted by: Lori Himes
“My malachi thinks hes a human”

Name: Bean and Cinderfella
Age: 1 and 8
Submitted by: Anna Marczynskiú
“My babies love each other!”

Name: Pickles
Age: 1 1/2 years
Submitted by: Myra Daigle Palmer
“Pickles is one of many foster fails. She is very tiny and petite. Definite tortitude and absolutely a Daddy’s Girl.”

Name: Sarafina
Age: 16
Submitted by: Crystal powell
“My baby girl is a Himalayan Siamese. She passed on to the rainbow bridge 2 mths ago. She was 16 yrs old.”

Name: Nascar Kitee
Age: 4 months
Submitted by: Janis Coddington
“She never misses a race, sits right on her pedal stool every Sunday! Let’s go racing boys!”

Name: Bootsy
Age: 5 months
Submitted by: Tinamarie Locke
“I rescued Bootsy at about 5 to 6 weeks old. Had all necessary vet care done. Somebody’s trash is now my treasure.”

Name: Spooky and Sasha
Age: 4
Submitted by:
“Spooky and Sasha,Age 5 both”

Name: Mittens
Age: 4 years
Submitted by: Tania Cunnius

Name: Oliver
Age: 8 months
Submitted by: Randy

Name: Fritzie
Age: 5
Submitted by: Dan Mcnamara
“Rescued Fritzie from a parking lot at Fitzgerald Casino in Tunica Mississippi in August 2017…a small kitten that was dumped”

Name: Littlefoot
Age: 3
Submitted by: Lindsey Rushing
“She is my Halloween kitty!!!!”

Name: Sinclair
Age: 7
Submitted by: Pamela Searcy
“Sinclair was abandoned and we took her in to be a part of our family she has brought us so much joy and happiness.”

Name: Storm
Age: 9 weeks
Submitted by: Ashley Geisz
“This is storm caught yawning…”

Name: Shimmer
Age: 12
Submitted by: Amber Mills
“Shimmer is a cat that personality that will make you laugh because she is cool and prissy and cute”

Name: Pebbles
Age: 10 years
Submitted by: Laura Posey
“Pebbles is a very blue eyed siamese cat. She stays outside but usually comes in the garage to sleep at night.”

Name: Rosie
Age: 12 years
Submitted by: Laura Posey
“Rosie is a very small female stripped cat. Very lovable and always wants to sleep in the bed with me at night.”

Name: Raven
Age: Not sure
Submitted by: Cathy
“Raven just showed up at our house one day and has been with us for 3 years now ! He’s a handsome loving fur baby! He loves relaxing on his daddy’s back”

Name: Kiki
Age: 12
Submitted by: Olivia Feierabend
“Her real name is Kitters but she goes by Kiki. When I adopted her from the shelter they said she had been a stray and was between 6-10 years old. I’ve had

Name: Gizmo
Age: 10 yrs.
Submitted by: Linda Jackson
“Gizmo is quite intelligent!”

Name: Milly
Age: 1
Submitted by: Barbara Gutowski
“Milly is a 1 year old little boy. He lives to look out the window and loves to take care of my Dad.”

Name: Cash
Age: 9 years old
Submitted by: Lisa Clowes
“Cash is our handsome seal mitted ragdoll. Cash is very smart. He actually has video of him doing a bunch of tricks on you tube!”

Name: Jager
Age: 1
Submitted by: Jana
“Jager loves to sit like this watch Dr Poe or any animal show for that matter. Loves to watch football with his dad human and sits like this….He is a big fluff ball

Name: Chloe
Age: 13
Submitted by: Jana
“Chloe loves to find a nice warm spot( normally on her human) mommy’s lap. She is “retired” and loves to sleep in, in the morning. You show her love and she’ll love you

Name: AJ & Dev
Age: 3 years old
Submitted by: Dan Vargas
“When AJ & Dev are done with training they patrol in their own Humvee”

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