NAME: Cheeto
AGE: 11wks
SUBMITTED BY: Mary Patterson

“Learning to pounce!”

“I just got Rocky about 6 months ago and he is a real clown. He gets into everything!! He is quite the character!!
He is sunbathing on the window sill in the picture!! Lol”

NAME: Carmen
AGE: 14
SUBMITTED BY: Kyle & Nicole Bear

“Carmen has a autoimmune disease she almost died when she was 6 months old. We saved her with a blood transfusion. Since her near death experience she has decided to live her best life by eating all of the cat food before her sister gets any and by lounging around all day. She likes to hold onto our electronics for us. Here she is “charging wireless headphones and PlayStation controller and making sure we don’t loose the remote.”

“Frankie is a rescue that came into my life just as Covid hit. He kept me sane during lockdowns. He even helped me through 2 eye surgeries, always cuddling when I needed it”

NAME: Putty
AGE: 15
SUBMITTED BY: Jayme shirley

“Putty is a 15 year old Persian. He has helped me with all my bottle babies. Putty would clean them and make sure they went potty! He has always let babies eat first. He would have made a great mommy!”