NAME: Sonny
AGE: 10
SUBMITTED BY: Beverly Armeni

"My Sonny was abandoned and thrown away in a taped up box, my husband happened to pull over on his Motorcycle to throw out some old food for the wild animals and out of the bushes came this little tiny kitten. The kitten started to eat the food and my husband cut his water bottle open for him to drink. My husband found the box that he scratched out of, so he told the kitty he would be back with some kitten food, but the kitty wasn’t letting him leave without him, so he called me and said he found a baby, and I told him it better have 4 legs. So I got the cage and went out to where he was and picked the kitty up. Brought him home bathed him and took him to the vet and he was 1 pound.. Today his name is Sonny and he is 20 pounds and Beautiful. We went back to where he was found to see if their were more Kittens but’s no luck. Sonny is the joy of our life "



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