NAME: Piper
AGE: 10 months
SUBMITTED BY: Tracy Pafford

"I was born in a junkyard, and was rescued at 3 days old and my siblings and I were raised bu a foster rescue mom because our mom died. Once I got big enough my furever momma and daddy saw my picture, came to meet me, fell in love and took me to my new home. I am very spoiled with delicious food and treats, a lot of toys, a big fluffy bed and best of all a momma and daddy who love me more than anything. They call me their precious baby girl. I love them so much! I give them cuddles, kisses, and love nips. I especially like to cuddle on my momma when she is working. She always has time for me no matter what she is doing. I purr all of the time & make the cutest little humming and chirping sounds. I get the zoomies and run through the house really fast and my favorite toy is my squirrel, who I like to carry around in my mouth. I am never bored and when I’m not playing or sitting with momma, I love to relax in the window in my window pouch. I like to explore on the porch, lay in the warm sun and smell the fresh air. I also am a good traveler and go on trips with momma and daddy. I am very thankful that I was rescued by my momma and daddy! We love each other so much. I cannot imagine living anywhere but with them in our forever home! I am safe, fed, cared for, spoiled and loved. I have the best life ever and am thankful that I was rescued and now have a loving forever family and home."



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