Little Man

NAME: Little Man
AGE: 10
STORY: My Little Man is my service animal. We lost our home in the Sabine river flood a little over 5 years ago. Shortly after that my husband of 32 years died. We had to go to homeless shelter. I am a disabled widow now. As a side effect of the stroke I have seizures if I don't take medicine. I had run out and couldn't get it till next day. That evening I had a very bad seizure and stopped breathing. When my apt. MANAGER GOT TO MY DOOR BECAUSE my Little Man was barking so frantically. He had torn the drapes and mini blinds off the window and was flinging hisself at the window trying to get me help. When the manager opened the door he was jumping on my chest. He was doing CPR for me. Saved my life.

SUBMITTED BY: Wanda Whiddon


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