Kissy Wishes

Name: Kissy Wishes
Age: 4 years old
Submitted by: Angelina Waidelich
"This was my beloved baby. Kissy Wishes (Kissy for short!), my sisters named him this after they came up with a story about if you kiss him, he grants your wishes! He was a very sweet cat who was lazy and slept alot, but was warm, cuddly, fuzzy, and a overrall sweetheart. He would comfort me in my darkest moments and hours, he was sassy and a bit attitudey sometimes, but it didn't matter for he loved me and I loved him. I speak of him in past tense for her has passed, but I don't write this for sympathy nor for apologies, but rather to share the love I had for him, and the beauty and cuteness that resided within him everyday during his time here on Earth."


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