Name: Boba
Age: 1 year!
Submitted by: Venus Irias
"Ms. Boba is obsessed with boxes! She will climb into cardboard boxes and claim them as her new abode. She’s always hogging them from her siblings. Spoiled kitty!"


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  1. Eunice

    Boba it’s so sweet my heart melt every time I see her picture she it’s adorable 😍

  2. Tuty

    Love ya, you are my favorite Boba sooooo cute

  3. Jade

    Gatita preciosa😻😻

  4. Jade

    Boba we love you,we are supporting you because you are awesome.
    Te voy a dar muchos besitos cutie🥰

  5. Amarhilys

    Boba your mommy loves you so much,your story is so touching you were rescued from a horrible deadly situation,I was told you weren’t even a week old.,and now you’re a loved and very smart cat,your mommy has so many friends supporting this contest because you’re so original and you want to represent all those unlucky abandoned kittens in need of protection.
    We love you tons Boba🥰

  6. Edgar

    As a devoted dog lover i have to admit that Boba has changed my perspective on cats i no longer hate cats with a burning passion
    Boba i love you

  7. Manny

    I love boba

  8. Linda

    Oh so sweet! She is precious.

  9. Rene

    Boba is adorable

  10. Marcy

    So cutee

  11. Gia

    Boba is my fav! 🧋🐈

  12. Alicia Medina

    OMGOODNESS!! She is the most precious kitty ever! I just want to give her a big kiss! 😘🤗

  13. Kayla Hsosn

    She’s so cute!! I want to keep her!!

  14. Andrea Watling

    How cute!!! That is one adorable kitty!!! ❤️🤩

    1. Peters

      Lol 😂 she’s tremendously smart

  15. Ruth


  16. Peters

    She’s cute

  17. Marzol


  18. Ronald

    Seriously this cat looks very astute! I voted because she looks like she could do my taxes!

  19. Helen Castillo

    OMG such of beauty pie love her eyes and color 😍

  20. tj

    I’m Boba’s biggest fan

    1. Boba’s messenger

      Boba says hi to her biggest fan! “Meow meow,” -sincerely Boba

  21. Boba’s messenger

    Boba sends her blessings to All, she wanted to relay this message, “meow meow.”

  22. Ricelightning

    Omg such a cute kitty I love the eyes!

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