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I have a passion for makeup and I enjoy having fun making spooky looks! This one was one of my favorites. Pumpkin/skull!

Davy Jones from Pirates of the Caribbean Franchise.
“Do You Fear Death?”

We fallow our destinys for our Happily Ever After. I made the whole costume. I curled and stiled the wig, the crown was a Christmas ornamet a headband I painted red and some floral ribbon, the jacket is a home

I dressed up as Slash from Guns N’ Roses.

Come play with me I promise I won’t do anything!!!

My wife made our whole families costumes including rotation light up hat on beetlejuice

Animal!!! Head is made from ski mask, pillow foam, yarn, and felt. Took a week to make and then rocking out with Kermit

This is my favorite DIY costume!! It is MY head and the rest is “put together”!!

I love big bird I made it with doller tree products and the head with cardboard and fleece

Winifred Sanderson one of the best witches of Salem, Massachusetts.

Pimp got to make money putting my hoe on the street . Big daddy pimp got to get bling

The DragonRider!
Hand made, one-of-a-kind Halloween costume. 7 feet tall, 12 feet long from tip of tall to tip of nose. 12 feet wide from wing tip to wing tip. Weighs about 30 lbs without the rider.

Harley Quinn dressed in a Joker outfit

Military style costume made up from a flee market low budget

Hi I was trying a new technique using airbrush and using a calp for first time and this was the result a zombie

I donned a rubber White Rabbit mask, and dressed in a Tuxedo to be the Traveling Easter Bunny for home bound Children

Teddy he’s a grown man with the mind of a 8 year old. Who lives deep in the woods.

My son has work on his Halloween outfit since last year. He loved the story from history class and has been a fan ever since.

I donate my time for a Haunted House in Riverside California

Crazy, scary clown

All hand made out of paper and fabric

This year we was going for the Purge thing, this was just one of three costumes

Queen of Hearts and Mad Hatter. I made reservations costumes from scratch for my husband and I.

We are Mothman cultist from a game called fallout76 My Husband does 3d printing and printed and painted the moth based of game costume We made are own fake blood

Gourd Man and his Princess.All costumes was handmade using Gourds buy the the Gourd Man

Thor Odinson Norwegian version

My version of day of the dead

My son and I dress up in our costumes alot we have many different kinds

Ronny McDonald with the unhappiest of meals

I made this for my daughter who doesn’t love a little Audrey II

I’m hungry for your blood

Inspired from The Walking Dead

My costume from Haunt at World’s of Fun!

Negan from -The Walking Dead

It’s from the1972 Movie Gargoyles

My 7 year old neighbor asked me to make a spooky scarecrow for my yard, so……I made a live one for him instead!!!

Why be scary when you can be adorable. Joseph our Doberman AKA elf.

Old movie themed Grease Pink Lady 50s style jacket black t shirt sz medium & Leggings black sz large black flats hair in pony tail

I’m a zombie bride. I put this together myself.

We age like fine WINE together

I made up my own costume. One piece of item at a time I found at different stores.

Me and my wife dressed up as mr. And mrs. It

Zombies Rule!! Foam latex mask, some airbrushing and blood, can’t forget the blood

Hi I am keystone krampus you can check me out on all media sites I have page on Facebook my costume got me on tv in cal hubs first Halloween bash back in 2014

Its all hand made…..sweater custom fit and weathered, glove was hand made…..not another one like it!!! The silicone mask is handmade by james updegraph

From one of the best Friday the 13th movies Part 7 New blood. I was born on Friday the 13th myself and almost drowned when I was 2 plus almost died 2 other times. I love dressing up as Jason

This is all regular makeup and liners…very proud of my creation!!

I was a butcher in a haunted house!

This is my rendition of Pennywise, he is my favorite horror character. His costume is the best…

A Child’s Best Friend… Don’t Let Her GHOST You!

I am a huge Studio Ghibli fan and Kiki’s Delivery Service has been my favorite production since I first laid eyes upon it. The film resonates with me, as a lone witch in the world; I am still waiting for

It’s only a flesh wound

I am dressed up as Sweeney Todd from Sweeney Todd:The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

I am Caligo the Clown! I am the darkness coming for you!

Bukie is a perfect companion for my autistic grandson. She is a loving affectionate and cuddling cat and is very friendly.

My boys Hopps and Barley are Ruff and Ready!

Vintage Gypsy Jess Wizard Billy Witchy Felicia

Shadow kitty is as sweet as pie but here she is as a SHARK! No worries; the only time she uses those teeth are to EAT! 😉

Tennis player with a hole in their racquet where a tennis ball flew threw and embedded in her head.