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NAME: Reba
AGE: 9 yrs., 3 mo.
SUBMITTED BY: Toby Lynne Schwartz

“Reba, my fluffy rescue cat from a feral cat colony, is named after the country music star, Reba McIntyre, because they both are red-heads & both like to

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NAME: Emerald
AGE: 12 yrs., 5 mo.
SUBMITTED BY: Toby Lynne Schwartz

“Emerald is my precious rescue cat that I saved after she got hit by a car, stopping traffic so I could pick her up off the street! After

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NAME: Casper
AGE: 3

15 Votes

NAME: Cheeto
AGE: 11wks
SUBMITTED BY: Mary Patterson

“Learning to pounce!”

54 Votes

AGE: 5 months

“She’s super cute, insanely hyper (without catnip… but with…. Oh boy), and she likes to chill on my head. Don’t know why. She just cool like that. :3”

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NAME: Milo
AGE: 10m
SUBMITTED BY: Mirina Voght

“Milo is a very active cat that loves to play and be on the high ground.”

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NAME: Tommy
AGE: 17
SUBMITTED BY: Janice brady

“This is my old boy Tommy licking a lollipop.”

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NAME: Clint & Charles
AGE: 2 years old

“These are our two boys clint and charles. There brothers. They love to play together and fight together. But most of all they love each other. I love

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NAME: Tracy Evans

“”She is a very sweet kitten. Loves to play and cuddle.””

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NAME: Stetson
AGE: 3
SUBMITTED BY: Laurel Barnes

“My kitty Stetson is a rescue cat. I rescued him from a lady who let him out in all kinds of weather my friend Judy was feeding him. He is my emotional

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NAME: Mochi
AGE: 7 months
SUBMITTED BY: Rebecca Hilber

“Mochi came to us from a farm in poor health. Fortunately with vet care he turned around. He loves to play fetch and can frequently be found with his tongue sticking

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NAME: Charlie
AGE: 1.5 years
SUBMITTED BY: Carrie Friedman

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NAME: Pumpkin
AGE: 1 year
SUBMITTED BY: Alisa Hedden

“His mother was a stray, that was killed by a truck when he was about 4 weeks old. He was crying and our daughter heard him. She took 2 nights to

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NAME: Duchess & Binx
AGE: 1 year

SUBMITTED BY: Donna Runkles
“The white one is Duchess Marie, she’s 3 years old and very spoiled. The other one is binx(Thackeray) he’s 1 and a local shelter reached out to us recently

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NAME: Cynder
AGE: 3
SUBMITTED BY: Christy Robuck
“Cynder has a lot of energy and is always on the move. He picks on his 2 sisters, Shadow and Mouse (Mouse is a cat).”

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NAME: Katiya
AGE: 2 yrs
SUBMITTED BY: Hilda Gallego
“I rescued Katiya when her mother abandoned her at a very young age!! She is a beautiful Calico cat!!! She is very loving and makes my family extremely happy!!! She is

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NAME: Snow
AGE: 1 month
SUBMITTED BY: Tina Meissner
“This little angel is a month old and is such a lovey dovey baby!”

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