2nd Annual COOL CATS Photo CONTEST...

…is ON! So, here’s the deal….

  1. Enter a photo of your kitty using this form: https://2020bye.com/entermycat/
  2. Share the contest page with all your friends.
  3. Starting September 15, vote for your furrbaby ONCE a day, EVERY day until September 30! (and tell your friends to vote too!)
  4. The cat photo with the most votes at the end WINS!!

We will ALSO give you opportunities to MULTIPLY YOUR VOTES. Like/Follow our FaceBook page to learn more and ENTER HERE!


Thank you to EVERYONE who entered the contest and you are ALL winners because you all have such great puppies in your lives!

And congratulations to the winners who racked up so many votes! Your prize is on the way! Come see the Top 10 and all the puppies who entered the contest here:  https://2020bye.com/dogdaysofsummercontest/

And see how you can get your puppy’s contest photo put on a sticker in our ETSY Store at etsy.com/shop/2020BYEdotCOM


…to ALL the winners of our 2nd Annual FREE ICE CREAM CONTEST:

      • Adelina Dill
      • Andrew Kurzwell
      • Maxine Hit
      • Melissa Costanzo
      • Chris Courson
      • Laurie Teague Newlin
      • Chuckia Johnson

See you next year for the 3rd Annual Contest in July 2023!

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